#LoveTrumpsHate…..But Where is the Love?

If your like this guy here, you don’t put a whole lot into the political process. Democrat. Republican. Potato. Patato. But with our newest commander and chief enjoying the glorious dawning of his political power, I figured why not take a break from searching for the newest movies to leak on the net (hellloooo Split), and just write an basic opinion piece. The point of which is quite simple. Can everybody just chill out?

It seems like people have literally lost their minds as of late. And I think once you get to the point of realizing that both sides on this debate are high on idealism, and low on understanding, you can’t help but just sit around and watch it go down. Or sit on the couch blank faced with your own version of the ‘wtf’ face on.

And although I’m much more interested in the latest movies, games, celebrity gossip, weather patterns, foreign affairs, pretty much anything aside from the current climate of political insanity. I do have one gripe with said political protests. Where is the love?

I have been a longtime democrat (your my boy Obama) and as is the case with many Nerds out there am a believer in social freedoms! Drink whatever. Smoke whatever. Love whatever. Just don’t come around my house unplugging my stuff! Or as Kendrick Lamar so eloquently puts it, “bitch don’t blow my high”.

So Trump wins the election, as with many of you, didn’t see it coming. But what I can’t understand is why there are these massive protests, and why things have to be set on fire, and why do you have to throw water/liquids on people that attended the inauguration. Is it because Hillary (love you Hil!) won the popular vote and not the electoral? It isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last.

And say what you want about the stereotypical Trump supporter, but I just don’t envision that they would have reacted in the same fashion when faced with Hillary being president. Maybe because they would have expected to be dealt the ‘L’ to begin with, or maybe because there aren’t enough of them to shut the cities down (but it would appear to be that there are).

All I’m saying is that America needs to get back in touch with it’s inner flower child. Make love not protests. Until you have something worth protesting for? Martin Luther King lead protests to stop generations of wrongful action, but he did it in a peaceful manner. Why do we have to vandalize our communities in protest of perceived injustice? To stop future crimes? I feel like this is a great point to give a shout out to that one movie where they stop crimes in the future before they happen……Minority Report! Almost forget that one!

I don’t know internet? Your much wiser and almost as old as myself (I still remember the sounds you used to make bouncing around in my modem), what do you think? Having traveled the world, I have to say that I love America, and really wouldn’t have the desire to live anywhere else. But maybe I’m missing something here? But right now I feel like the slogan should be reversed. #HateTrumpsLove.  Whatever happened to taking the higher road. Turning the other cheek. Being the bigger person. What happened to being able to disagree about things without turning a person into a stereotype.

Where is the love?


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