These TV Series Will Blow Your Mind. Top 5 Top 5 Top 5. Couple Approved!

So it’s the weekend. And if your not looking to game, then perhaps some binge worthy television time is in order! I’ve got just the thing for you my friend. These 5 television series are guaranteed to have you (and your significant other) couched up in the fetal position wondering how you will ever manage to readjust to the real world. Here. We. Go.

  1. Game of Thrones

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The undisputed king (or perhaps Khalessi) of the fantasy TV world and brainchild of R.R. Martin has been running things for HBO running on seven years. And unless you have been living under a rock, like some of my friends, you may not have gotten down to watching it yet.  But this series has it all romance, action, deception, larger than life characters, and of course, dragons! It has broken the internet several times and is the recipient of 38 Emmy Awards (110 nominations). It is a powerhouse in the ability to convey it’s characters and their situations, and is one of the few series in history I can honestly say can go toe to toe with the books.

2. The 100

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Getting ready to kick off its Fourth Season, and you know that The CW Network is ready ready to reap the benefits of this shows cult following. The story goes roughly that Earth was abandoned after a nuke battle, with generations upon generations living in the orbit awaiting the radiation levels to decrease on the surface. Finally the time comes to test this theory of the Earth being habitable and the powers that be choose 100 of their youth as genie pigs to send down. And as we learned from Lord of the Flies, or Children of the Corn, once you put children in charge of society, you better buckle up. I was skeptical at first, because comon’ it is the CW, but this series is exceptional. Strong female lead. Check. Multiple Love Interests. Check. Death and Plotting with Twists and Turns. Check. Date night is in full force with this one!

3. The OA

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Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. Just when I think you have lost your chill factor, I get pulled right back in. My girl put me onto this show, and I was extremely (extremely!) hesitant. By the end of the second episode, I was hooked. The result? Trying to crush this series is one night (didn’t happen). This series is sure to have you wondering who your Doctor is in their spare time, and putting an end to any research studies you may have thought about participating in. The plot roughly goes, girl (apparently) runs away from home, then many years later suddenly reappears. We quickly learn her absence was not by chance, and then the series hits you with that disturbing twist your waiting for to take it to the next level. A look at her captor and the events surrounding their encounter. If your into out of body experiences, serial killers, and the idea that love conquers all. This is for you. It’s as if the stories of the Breakfast Club and Adrian Castro collided head on, and the result will have you looking for a seat belt for your brain!

4. Westworld 

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If HBO didn’t have GoT to fall back on, Westworld would be running our world. Sure, it lose some creativity points at first for appearing to be a loosely associated reboot of the 1973 movie by the same name. That being said, the movie had a great concept, and if anything was deserving of the HBO investment to be next in line, it can be argued that this is it. It’s a futuristic reality, where the world’s big shots journey to an advanced entertainment park (think Disneyworld for the 21+ crowd) to live out their fantasies for better or worse. The park is populated by androids that are indistinguishable from their customers and bound to the park ‘rules’. Naturally a series of unfortunate events incurs a glitch in the parks downtrodden inhabitants, and chaos ensues. You like futuristic dystopian societies? You like classic Western gunslingers? Get the best of both worlds with this one.

5. Incorporated

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The youngest tenured series on the list. Incorporated is in the twilight of its first season. And truthfully I have been waiting for a reason to like the SyFy Channel more, I mean its the SyFy Channel, it should be able to come up with some killer original content. And they finally hit a home run with their new series Incorporated. Imagine a future world where corporations own their employees and have taken over the place of government. In this world, if your not a ‘Suit’ then your nothing. It’s dark story lines and complicated characters speak volumes to the human struggle and our battle with how we assign identity. Ready for a peek into the future of class warfare. Indulge.

There you have it. The definitive list on how to binge your weekend away with the best viewing options available to us as a species! Don’t waster your time with inferior television and weak story lines. You deserve better! And no complaints from those without HBO subscriptions, we live in the 21st century, you can figure it out. EZ PZ.

What do you think? Anything floating around out there that should have made the list but didn’t? I’m all ears……or in this case eyes!


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