Shatter your Saturday. Mario Baseball Official Drinking Rules!

I get it. You like to game. You like to drink. But rarely is there an opportunity to combine the two things without the overall experience suffering. Always the innovators we here at Nerdnews are proud to provide the solution to the dilemma.

Mario.Baseball.Drinking.Game. (I know it sounds to good to be true)

Birthed deep in a college frat house by a group of gamers that didn’t particularly belong, a golden set of rules developed uniting all that set eyes upon its beauty. It’s simple. It’s sweet. And now for the first time ever, its’ public.

Set the game length for Five (5) Innings and REMEMBER NO STAR POWERS (specials). Select your teams as normal. And from this point on is an accounting of the penalties that must be applied to the fielding/offensive units.

Fielding Team (Pitching Team)

Single (basehit) – One Drink

Double – Two Drinks

Triple – Three Drinks

Run Scored – Five Drinks per Run Scored

HOMERUN- 10 Drinks (be aware!)

Stolen Base – One Drink

Hit the Batter – Two Drinks

Offensive Team (Batting Team)

OUT – One Drink

Strike Out – Two Drinks

Great Play (screen must display)  – Two Drinks


Also worth noting – both teams are allowed the option of a One Drink sign of competitive appreciation during the time between between endings.

And there you have it. Simple. Effective. And guaranteed to take the drama to the next level. And perhaps it is required somewhere to note that you should think about drinking responsibly. Oh. And with beer.

Too get you in the mood here are my three most lethal players of all time:


Images provided by



My apologies. Waluigi would not cooperate with my clean layout plan. But what do you think? Who is the most valuable player to have on your team if going into a competitive drinking contest?









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