Nintendo is Back! But are Real Gamers Ready for the Switch?

If your like me, you have spent the last couple weeks scouring the internet for opinions and information relating to Nintendo’s latest resurgence and their uncompromising new system the Nintendo Switch.

The main obstacle that Nintendo and industry leaders seem to expect to have to overcome is the current competitive market conditions (Hello Xbox and PlayStation). If you look at these companies as direct competitors, it would definitely appear to be a daunting task. However, I think a lot of the current negativity around the launch of the Switch and it’s ability to be competitive in the space is misguided.

This isn’t a case of apples to apples. It’s apples to oranges (in this case the oranges are an iconic blue and red). And here are a couple major reasons for that:

  1. Nintendo is the OG in the gaming space  

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PlayStation deserves some credit in this category after all they did emerge in 1994 (maybe seems ancient to some readers), but that pales in comparison when you figure that Nintendo has been holding it down since 1985! And much like in the real world, the younger companies may have strength (processing power) on their side, but Nintendo has been doing this a long long time. And as with any good competitor, they know the game, and they know how we game!

2. The Silent Majority – The Return of Split Screen!

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It worked for Trump (or so they say). And I think you can never underestimate the power of nostalgia. Who doesn’t remember breaking out their Nintendo system and getting into some heated split screen contests? I know that games like Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 would dominate our family parties, bringing together adults and children alike. Some would say that the Nintendo Switch is the first really interesting offering from Nintendo since the Wii (not a huge fan personally), but I think we have to look a step beyond that, as this being the first system with the functionality that can  look to bring back the split screen glory days of the Nintendo 64. Not based on fancy gimmicks but raw competition and trash talk! A fact that no one in the industry should take lightly!


So while we cant discount the experts reasons for thinking that the sky will be falling in on Nintendo as it seeks to topple the giants that have risen during it’s off time. It is safe to say that Nintendo is finally getting back to its roots of communal gaming in a strong way. After all David only needed a stone to slay Goliath, and with the Nintendo Switch being a back to basics type console with a strong history of mainstay blockbusters ready for reinvention. It’s time for Nintendo to step up, and give us it’s best shot. The masses are waiting!

What do you think? Is Nintendo poised to break the bank with the Switch in March 2017? Is it over rated or under appreciated?






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