Winter is Here. Waiting on Game of Thrones!? Me Too!

So it’s been cold lately. Not Winterfell cold. But cold enough to get me thinking about the possibilities of the new Game of Thrones season that everyone (myself included) spends the early months of each new year anticipating!

And in the spirit of Winter, let’s take a look at some of the characters we should be keeping an eye on in the upcoming Season 7 to really break out of their mold! Sorry Jon Snow and Khalessi fans, we are looking at the underdogs this time around!

  1. Theon Greyjoy
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If your not sure how you feel about Theon, I don’t blame you. As we have watched him progress through the seasons it seems like he just can’t catch a break! Originally a glorified hostage for House Stark, and without delving too much into his story, he quickly found his way into the hands of House Bolton and was aptly renamed Reek. Now being tortured for weeks on end, culminating with his castration (ouch!), could give you reason to discard him as a broken piece. But with his sister at his side, and a new alliance with Daenerys Targaryen  he is finally set to break out in Season 7.

2. The Clegane Brothers (The Hound & The Mountain)

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Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and his brother Gregor (The Mountain) are hopefully destined to see their stories come full circle in the new season! Both these characters have really undergone some development in recent seasons, The Hound discovering his heart, and The Mountain losing his. Last we saw the The Hound he was back at  doing what he does best (axe in hand!) but it does seem his time with Arya Stark and subsequent beat down from Brienne of Tarth did have a profound impact on him, leading him to protect/avenge the coven of reformers in the woods. The question I think we should all be wondering, is it possible we see the final showdown between him and his brother in this upcoming season.With The Mountain still very much playing for Team Lannister, and having recently received some…enhanced..modifications courtesy of Cersei. As we saw earlier in the series at the Tournament of the Hand, there is no love lost between these two brothers. So should their paths cross viewers beware!

3. Tyrion Lannister

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Ahhh the Imp. We are all familiar with his impressive track record as a political adviser in the kingdom of Westeros. But with the upcoming season approaching I really think
we are going to have the chance to see him step into the spotlight once again and handle some unfinished family business! Where are you at Cersei? I’m sure he hasn’t quite gotten over her attempt to have him executed, and with his new queen in tow the opportunity seems ripe for revenge. The wildcard in all of this is of course Jamie, who will likely get caught between the two of them, so we may finally get to see who he really favors (bros before hos?) Either way its gonna be epic!

So the stage is set! R.R. Martin and HBO the ball is in your court. Winter in the real world is on it’s last leg and I think we can all expect things to really heat up in this upcoming season. But what do you think? What characters are going to be breaking the internet in the final season? Let’s discuss and nerd out in the comments section below!


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